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TONKAWA ENTERPRISES OFFERS four-day work week, benefiting hourly employees

Tonkawa Enterprises has moved its full-time, hourly employee work week to a four-day, 36-hour work week. This replaces the traditional five-day, 40-hour week with no decrease in pay.

Employees now work four 9-hour days while continuing to be paid a full-time wage based on a 40-hour work week. This change will result in an additional 26 paid days a year, and adds up to an extra 52 days off annually.

This hourly employee plan is available at all of our Tonkawa Enterprises locations: Tonkawa Casino, Tonkawa Hotel, Native Lights Casino, Buffalo Grill & Lounge, Tonkawa Travel Plaza, Native Lights Casino Smoke Shop, and The Hub Entertainment Center.

We also offer competitive compensation and benefits including:

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The Hub employment:

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Casino employment:

Learn & Earn Program

Are you a student or looking to attend a university or a tech school?

See how the Tonkawa Enterprises program can help you! Our program allows students to save money for school while working part-time!

For every hour you work, Tonkawa Enterprises will set aside $2 in your internal student account. You can save over $900 in one semester (almost $2,800/year).

  • You must be registered as a student in High School, CareerTech, College or University.
  • Work part-time for Tonkawa Enterprises and be registered as a student.
  • For every hour you work, Tonkawa Enterprises will allocate $2 to your internal student account.

Apply today to start saving for your future!

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