It’s not all skee-ball (don’t worry, we have that, too). We’re bringing you today’s top arcade and VR games – from classics to a few throwbacks.


It’s basically your golden ticket to any game, arcade-wide. Load up your card at one of our kiosks and go. No coins, no printed tickets. Just swipe and play.


Head to our Winner's Choice and redeem your day’s worth of e-tickets. We’re talking prizes you want – big and small.

Virtual Reality

Cooler than it looks.

A lot cooler. So ditch the real world and dive into virtual reality at its best, with our full-body Omni Arena located right inside our arcade. 

The Omni Arena VR experience lets you move freely at full speed, in a 360° staging area for up to 8 players. Walk. Run. Jump. Crouch. And compete in the latest popular games – whether you’re a casual player or an elite gamer. 

With the OmniVerse library of 20+ games at your fingertips, there’s a genre for everyone. 

Win weekly & monthly prices

You and your friends could win weekly or monthly prizes by playing VR esports games in the Omni Arena. The weekly prize is $400 for the top team. The monthly prize is $2,000 for the top team. Form a team (max of 4 people) and come to The Hub to participate.