Spark Interactive Bowling

Bowl a whole new way, by adding the Spark® experience to your next lane reservation.

Lights. Animation themes. Photo projections. Games. Spark takes your bowling session up a notch by making the game immersive – and interactive.

And, it’s a cinch to use. It all starts at the scoring tablet, where you can choose from more than 15 different animation themes to light up your lane in mesmerizing graphics. Or, project your own photos down the lane (just watch out for those embarrassing ones). Whether you’re a casual bowler or a novice, Spark games bring new targets and rules into play, so bowlers of any age and skill levels have a shot at winning.

With Spark’s exclusive Heads-Up Display™, you can project your scores and stats directly on your lane. While you’re at it, you can also bring your favorite Sync games to life while you bowl – from Angry Birds to Rival Rumble.

From adding a little flash to your experience to bringing games and photos into the mix, Spark Spark makes bowling at The Hub totally customizable. Next time you reserve a lane, be sure to add Spark to your game.

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